Ákos Lédeczi


Associate Professor
Senior Research Scientist

My main research area is wireless sensor networks (WSN). Our latest project is using GPS for very precise relative localization of mobile nodes. My team has developed the first WSN-based countersniper system. An enhanced version is soldier wearable and not only does it localize the shooter very accurately, but it can also tell the caliber and the weapon type. An interesting paper describes the system in detail. The latest version is smartphone-based. Our radio interferometric positioning approach has gained much attention and resulted in the Best Paper Award at the ACM Sensys 2007 conference. 

My other focus is Model Integrated Computing. Our latest open source software tool, the Web-based Generic Modeling Environment is a web- and cloud-based, collaborative, configurable toolkit for creating domain-specific visual modeling and program synthesis environments.  



I am teaching CS 1103 Introductory Programming for Engineers and Scientists (Sections 1 and 2, MWF 12:10-2:00).

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