A Developing Situation

Stories are much easier to tell in an effective way with keeping the audience audiovisually excited. There are questions and thoughts about every research project that can be answered easier through a story incorporating the subject of the research into a imaginary world with realistic characters and their motivations. Add a little bit of drama to emphasize values, errors, needs or consequences and you will see how we ended up producing a movie - not for the first time - to make complex and abstract factors more naturally sensible.

In the "A developing situation" we can see how a nurse in an imaginary hospital turns into a criminal stealing patient data, and how state of the art, trustworthy clinical information systems can guard privacy and help in detecting such cyber security incidents.

Though the story, the place and the characters are fictional, the problems and the solutions being developed in our institute and featured in this movie are quite real. To find out more about this TRUST research area visit the Electronic Medical Record project page on the TAO Portal.

This film was made for research and educational purposes with the contribution of ISIS researchers and friends who put so much effort in it sometimes from their valuable private time.

Special thanks to:

Original idea by Janos Sztipanovits, Akos Ledeczi, Bradley Malin, Janos Mathe story line, camera, movie and music production by Laszlo Juracz with much help from Julie Johnson writing the final script. Special thanks to Larry Howard for his support and his private equipment he let us use.

Parts of this movie were filmed at the Vanderbilt University though there is no connection between the actual infrastructure of Vanderbilt University and the one illustrated in the film.