Capability Briefs


CAPE eLMS- The Courseware Authoring and Packaging Environment and experimental Learning Management System

DESERT - A Meta-Programmable Tool for Constraint-based Pruning and Exploration of Large Design Spaces  

ECSL - Embedded Control Systems Modeling Language and Toolchain for Developing High-Performance Embedded Automotive

ESML - Embedded System Modeling Language and Toolchain Toolchain for Developing Embedded Mission Computing applications

FACT - Fault-Adaptive Control Technology Tools for Developing Fault-Adaptive Control applications

GME - Generic Modeling Environment

GReAT - Graph Rewriting and Transformations Model Transformation Environment for Model-Based of Systems

HybDiag - Fault Detection, Isolation, and Identification for Complex Embedded Systems

MAPLANT - Maintenance Planning Tool

OLC - Online Limited Lookahead Supervisory Control A Tool for Adaptive Control of Embedded Systems

OTIF - Open Tool Integration Framework Tools for Building Open Tool Integration Solutions

PAM - Perch and Move UAV Technology Tools for Autonomous, Mobile, Multi-Sensor Acquisition and Processing 

SPML - Signal Processing Modeling Language and Toolchain for Developing High-Performance Embedded Signal Processing Applications

TFPG - Timed Failure Propagation Graph A Tool for Robust Diagnosis of Reactive Systems