neclab: The networked embedded control lab

Titleneclab: The networked embedded control lab
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsKottenstette, N., and P. J. Antsaklis
Book TitleNetworked Embedded Sensing and Control Workshop NESC'05: University of Notre Dame, USA
Series TitleLecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
CityBerlin Heidelberg

The network embedded control lab, neclab, is a software environment
designed to allow easy deployment of networked embedded control systems, in particular
wireless networked embedded control systems (wnecs). A wnecs is a collection
of interconnected plant sensors, digital controllers, and plant actuators which communicate
with each other over wireless channels. In this paper neclab is introduced
and explained using a simple ball and beam control application. We focus on wnecs
which use the MICA2 Motes.