Control of passive plants with memoryless nonlinearities over wireless networks

TitleControl of passive plants with memoryless nonlinearities over wireless networks
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsKottenstette, N.
Academic DepartmentElectrical Engineering
DegreeDoctor of
Number of Pages196
Date Published08/2007
UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame
CityNotre Dame, IN

This dissertation shows how to develop wireless networked embedded control systems
(wnecs) in which the controller and the plant are isolated and can only interact
over a wireless network. Many of the new results presented are based on passivity and
scattering theory. In particular we show how to:
1. synthesize discrete time passive, strictly-input passive, and strictly-output passive
systems from their continuous counterparts using a inner-product equivalent
sample and hold (IPESH) block (with an optional passive observer),
2. create a data-drop out, and delay tolerant l2-stable digital control network for a
continuous passive plant in which:
(a) the continuous passive plant can also be subject to various memoryless nonlinearities
such as actuator saturation,
(b) the digital controller only needs to be run when passive data is received over
the wireless network,
(c) the entire control network has been simulated on a theoretically validated
wireless ring token network,
(d) a new “power junction” is introduced in which multiple plants and controllers
can interact while preserving passivity,
(e) a new distortion measure is used to evaluate these control networks,
3. determine the capacity, and mean delays of a wireless ring token network.
We conclude with a presentation of neclab, a set of python and C based tools used to
help an engineer simulate and develop wnecs.

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