Model Transformations in the Model-Based Development of Real-time Systems

TitleModel Transformations in the Model-Based Development of Real-time Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsSzemethy, T., G. Karsai, and D. Balasubramanian
Conference NameECBS
AbstractIn this paper we argue for UML-based metamodeling and pattern-based graph transformation techniques in computer-based systems development through an illustrative example from the domain of embedded systems. We present a tool that uses advanced graph-rewriting techniques to generate a schedule that satisfies hard real-time constraints for multi-modal systems. The input is a time-triggered system specification (using the Giotto language); the output is an instruction sequence for the E-machine: a virtual machine for hard real-time embedded systems. The resulting model may be refined into a) system implementations (E-code programs) through a trivial synthesis process and b) development-time analysis models expressing the properties of the system implemented over different execution platforms. Furthermore, we identify the next steps to be taken towards generating analysis models using explicit platform models.
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