Autonomic Self-Healing for MANETs

TitleAutonomic Self-Healing for MANETs
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsChaudhry, J. A., Y. Lee, K. R. Pence, and J. Sztipanovits
Conference Name2009 International Conference on Artificial
Date Published06/2009
PublisherCSREA Press
Conference LocationLas Vegas Nevada
ISBN Number1-60132-109-0

Self-healing systems are considered as cognation-enabled sub form of fault tolerance system. But our experiments that we report in this paper show that self-healing systems can be used for performance optimization, configuration management, access control management and many other functions. The exponential complexity that results from interaction between autonomic systems and users (software and human users) has hindered the deployment and user of intelligent systems for some time. We show that if exceptional complexity is converted into self-growing knowledge, (policies in our case), can make up for the initial development cost of building an intelligent system. In this paper, we propose that AHSEN (Autonomic Healing-based Self management Engine) clearly demarcates the logical ambiguities in contemporary designs and shows its performance through empirical results obtained through experiments.

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