Radio Interferometric Angle of Arrival Estimation

TitleRadio Interferometric Angle of Arrival Estimation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsAmundson, I., J. Sallai, X. Koutsoukos, and A. Ledeczi
Conference Name7th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks
Date Published02/2010
Conference LocationCoimbra, Portugal

Several localization algorithms exist for wireless sensor networks that use angle of arrival measurements to estimate node position. However, there are limited options for actually obtaining the angle of arrival using resource-constrained devices. In this paper, we describe a radio interferometric technique for determining bearings from an anchor node to any number of target nodes at unknown positions. The underlying idea is to group three of the four nodes that participate in a typical radio interferometric measurement together to form an antenna array. Two of the nodes transmit pure sinusoids at close frequencies that interfere to generate a low-frequency beat signal. The phase difference of the measured signal between the third array node and the target node constrains the position of the latter to a hyperbola. The bearing of the node can be estimated by the asymptote of the hyperbola. The bearing estimation is carried out by the node itself, hence the method is distributed, scalable and fast. Furthermore, this technique does not require modification of the mote hardware because it relies only on the radio. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach can estimate node bearings with an accuracy of approximately 3 degrees in 0.5 sec.

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