Software development for a novel WSN platform

TitleSoftware development for a novel WSN platform
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsVolgyesi, P., J. Sallai, A. Ledeczi, P. Dutta, and M. Maroti
Conference NameWorkshop on Software Engineering for Sensor Network Applications
Date Published05/2010
Conference LocationCape Town, South Africa

This work-in-progress paper introduces a new hardware platform for wireless sensor networks, summarizes the new challenges it creates for software development and describes a toolchain being developed to meet those challenges. The hardware platform is based on a low-power FPGA as opposed
to a traditional microcontroller. The FPGA confi guration includes a soft core microcontroller, but there are plenty of resources left to implement a subset of the operating system, middleware and application components directly on the FPGA. Instead of creating this partition early in the design phase, we advocate a flexible hardware/software boundary enabling "late binding" of components to the softcore or the hardware fabric. This increases the complexity of the design space mandating sophisticated tool support. The paper describes a toolchain that helps manage this complexity. The two main tools are a domain-speci c modeling environment and a symbolic design-space exploration tool.

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