Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring Network

TitleMobile Air Pollution Monitoring Network
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsHedgecock, W., P. Volgyesi, A. Ledeczi, X. Koutsoukos, and A. Aldroubi
Conference NameACM 25th Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC)
Date Published03/2010
Conference LocationSierre, Switzerland

Current methods of estimating air quality involve assigning a single value called the Air Quality Index (AQI) to a large land area for a 24-hour period based on a very few, sparsely-located sensors. This produces a low-resolution image of the air quality in that region. We have devised a new mobile air quality monitoring network with the ability to provide high-resolution realtime pollution data at any location within the coverage area. We have prototyped sensors and proven the feasibility of the approach, and are currently testing a small-scale implementation using irregularly-sampled spatiotemporal measurements from mobile car-mounted sensors coupled with existing static data. This data feeds a web-based application, enabling users to view air quality in specific regions as well as estimate exposure over speci ed time periods and plan routes based on minimal exposure to a given pollutant.