Simulation of Network Attacks on SCADA Systems

TitleSimulation of Network Attacks on SCADA Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsChabukswar, R., B. Sinopoli, G. Karsai, A. Giani, H. Neema, and A. Davis
Conference NameFirst Workshop on Secure Control Systems, Cyber Physical Systems Week 2010
Date Published04/2010

Network security is a major issue affecting SCADA systems designed and deployed in the last decade. Simulation of network attacks on a SCADA system presents certain challenges, since even a simple SCADA system is composed of models in several domains and simulation environments. Here we demon- strate the use of C2WindTunnel to simulate a plant and its controller, and the Ethernet network that connects them, in different simulation environments. We also simulate DDOS-like attacks on a few of the routers to observe and analyze the effects of a network attack on such a system.

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