Model Based Integration and Experimentation of Information Fusion and C2 Systems

TitleModel Based Integration and Experimentation of Information Fusion and C2 Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsNeema, S., T. Bapty, X. Koutsoukos, H. Neema, J. Sztipanovits, and G. Karsai
Refereed DesignationRefereed
Conference NameFUSION '09. 12th International Conference on Information Fusion
Date Published07/2009
Conference LocationSeattle, WA
ISBN Number978-0-9824-4380-4
Accession Number10836640
Call Number5203876
Other NumbersPages 1958-1965

Modern Network Centric Operations drive the complexity of information fusion and command and control (C2) systems. Driving this complexity further is the interplay dynamics of the human element, information systems, and communication networks. The lack of low-cost realistic experimental context limits the testing, evaluation, and further development of fusion systems to small-scale localized experiments. A Model-based Integration and Experimentation Framework is proposed. This framework is built on C2 Wind Tunnel - a robust multi-model simulation framework for integrating simulations to drive fusion experiments. The second component of the framework is a model-based system of systems integration tool-suite that allows modeling, synthesis, and deployment of networked system of systems. This component enables researchers to embed their research algorithm into the networked C2 systems. The C2 Wind Tunnel has been used to execute several simulation-driven C2 Experiments.

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