ISIS team gets NSF AIR-TT grant

PinPtr, a novel GPS technique developed at ISIS, is getting a financial push onto the market, thanks to National Science Foundation Accelerating Innovation Research–Technology Translation (AIR-TT) grant.


Typical GPS products can find a location within 3 to 10 meters of accuracy, but PinPtr has the potential to deliver as close as 10 centimeters of accuracy.

Will Hedgecock, who earned his PhD in electrical engineering and is doing post-doctoral research at ISIS, went through the Jumpstart Foundry business accelerator and won both Vanderbilt CTTC’s Flash Pitch competition and Southern Alpha’s Spark competition last year for the technology. Since then, he and primary investigator Akos Ledeczi, associate professor of computer engineering, have tested it by traversing lightly wooded areas, driving in urban and suburban driving, and even positioning it on the open water, with potential applications in rowing and boating competitions. The research has been supported by NSF and Google.

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