ADAS Virtual Prototyping using Modelica and Unity Co-simulation via OpenMETA

TitleADAS Virtual Prototyping using Modelica and Unity Co-simulation via OpenMETA
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsYamaura, M., N. Arechiga, S. Shiraishi, S. Eisele, J. Hite, S. Neema, J. Scott, and T. Bapty
Refereed DesignationUnknown
Conference NameJapanese Modelica Conference 2016
Date Published2016
PublisherLinköping University Press
Conference LocationTokyo, Japan

Automotive control systems, such as modern Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), are becoming more complex and prevalent in the automotive industry. Therefore, a highly-efficient design and evaluation ethodology for automotive control system development is required. In this paper, we propose a closed-loop simulation framework that improves ADAS design and evaluation. The proposed simulation framework consists of four tools: Dymola, Simulink, OpenMETA and Unity 3D game engine. Dymola simulates vehicle dynamics models written in Modelica. Simulink is used for vehicle control software modeling. OpenMETA provides horizontal integration between design tools. OpenMETA also has the capability to improve design efficiency through the use of PET (Parametric Exploration Tool) and DSE (Design Space Exploration) tools. Unity provides the key functionality to enable interactive, or closed-loop ADAS simulation, which contains sensor models for ADAS, road environment models and provides visualization.

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