Lights, Cameras, Teach!: Online Curriculum and Custom Software Bring the Computer Science Classroom to Students Worldwide

Think of the internet celebrities you know, and more than likely people such as the “Chewbacca Mom” or that “Damn, Daniel” kid come to mind. But don’t forget about Vanderbilt computer science professors Mike Fitzpatrick and Ákos Lédeczi.


OK, so unless you were already familiar with them by being on campus, you may not know their names or faces. But millions do. Fitzpatrick and Lédeczi developed an introductory computer programming class that, by one account, ranks as the fifth most popular free online course of all time. They have taught more than 170,000 students in 192 countries and racked up more than 2 million lecture views.

Based on that success, Fitzpatrick and Lédeczi most recently have turned their attention to offering other educators advice on developing STEM courses for an online, global audience.

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