Integrated Microgrid Control Platform (IMCP)

    Agency: DoD
    PI: Gabor Karsai
    Co-PI: Abhishek Dubey
    Funding: $2.5M
    PoP: 6/2020-6/2022
    Collaborator: North Carolina State University 
    IMCP: Distributed controller for microgrids

    Engineering microgrid controllers is a challenge due to the large variety of devices, protocols, interfaces on one hand, and advanced algorithms on the other hand; all of them implemented in software. Often, the result is hand-crafted custom software that is expensive to develop and difficult to reuse for another microgrid installation. This project aims at developing and demonstrating a highly reusable ‘software platform’ that can be easily adapted to and used in various microgrid configurations. The platform will include state-of-the-art control algorithms for dispatch and transition functions, as well as software for interfacing selected power system devices (e.g. inverters).

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