Past projects

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  • Intelligent Instrumentation System (PI: Janos Sztipanovits, Sponsor: IBM Instruments, 1984-1987): This project developed an Intelligent Operator Interface for an advanced instrument. It has produced results like the Multigraph Kernel: an execution platform for component-based systems, and declarative techniques for representing computational structures.
  • Intelligent Process Control System (PI: Janos Sztipanovits, Sponsor: Osaka Gas, 1986-1994): This project was aimed at the intelligent operation of highly complex continuous process plants, and it has produced an 'Intelligent Process Control System' that was an early model-based software development environment for plant engineers, in 1992. The environment included model-based monitoring, simulation, fault diagnostics, and operator interface capabilities.
  • Fault Detection, Isolation, and Recovery (PI: Janos Sztipanovits, Sponsor: Boeing, 1988-1998): This project worked on advanced fault diagnostics algorithm and resulted in a modeling environment for faults in complex systems, a diagnosability analysis tool, and a robust fault diagnostics algorithm.
  • OASiS: An Object-Centric, Ambient-Aware, Service-Oriented Sensornet Programming Framework - (PI: Xenofon Koutsoukos, Sponsor: NSF and Microsoft Research)
  • CSR-EHS: Software Composition for Embedded Systems Using Graph Transformations - (PI: Gabor Karsai, Sponsor: NSF): This project studies the use of graph transformation techniques in the development of embedded systems. Of particular interest is the verification of model transformations.
  • Model-Integrated Computing Tools for Exploration Systems - (PI: Gabor Karsai, Sponsor: NASA) : This projects investigates the use of MIC technologies in tools for software development for space systems.