Networked Embedded Systems

Nest People

  • Akos Ledeczi, Associate Professor
  • Peter Volgyesi, Research Scientist
  • Xenofon Koutsoukos, Associate Professor
  • Janos Sallai, Research Scientist
Graduate Students:
  • Will Hedgecock
  • Benjamin Babjak
  • Sandor Szilvasi
Former Members:

NEST Overview


Originally, the Network Embedded Systems Technology was a DARPA funded project dealing with middleware services and novel applications of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Today NEST is an umbrella project encompassing different ongoing research activities in the WSN domain.

Over the years we have developed many fundamental services, tools and interesting applications of WSNs:

Radio Interferometric Tracking of Wireless Nodes Indoors

Radio Interferometric Tracking of Wireless Nodes Indoors

PI: Akos Ledeczi

Sponsor: NSF


Network Embedded Systems


ISIS has an active research program in the Network Embedded Systems area. Most of our projects deal with Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). WSNs typically consist of many, low-cost and hence, resource-constrained devices. A typical node has a microcontroller, a few kilobytes of RAM and a low-bandwidth, range-limited radio. Battery power is limited and the communication is unreliable. These factors make building WSN applications extremely challenging.

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