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Senior Research Engineer
Vanderbilt University


Research interests

I remember the big excitement I felt when I started playing around with creating tiny visual and audio programs on a C16 in middle school. That was in the 80’s. Since then computers and applications came along - a long way, multimedia and the Web were born, digital art is around us everywhere, every moment, in plenty of different forms… Although my primary motivation has evolved, as well, it has not changed that much: I think that one of the most interesting and challenging thing in my work and a basic principle in life is sharing information, message or knowledge with others and making services accessible in the most effective, convenient and entertaining way. Computers help a lot with this. You just have to know the tools they can provide, a bit of their language and a bit of the human “language” as well. So beside and after my university studies (I received my Master’s degree in computer science from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2002) I was broadening my knowledge and strengthening my skills through working and leading projects in real-world software, media- and multimedia development including design, DTP and communication.


My research work has connections with several computer science-related areas. In general, my primary focus is around human-computer interaction (HCI): I research, design and evaluate novel software-solutions and methodologies which enable the integration of software systems into the users’ workflow more naturally, effectively and flawlessly. My philosophy is to pay special attention to human needs in my design process. I try to optimize systems around the way users can, want or need to use it, rather than forcing the users to change their behavior to effectively use a computer system. I enjoy the challenge of applying this philosophy in real-life designs, where minimizing the barrier between the human’s cognitive model and the computer’s understanding of a task is highly crucial. More specifically, I specialize in conceptualizing and developing innovative virtual environments for educational applications, knowledge-dissemination portals and collaborative systems. The projects on which I work directly support the evolution of higher education, cyber-security and law enforcement training.


I am a member of the following communities:

The Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications (SDIWC)