New CE professor tapped for Gilbreth Lecture, named a top IoT innovator

One of the School of Engineering’s newest faculty members starts the year with two additional honors for his work in transportation and traffic control issues.

Vanderbilt helps launch TennSMART to accelerate intelligent mobility

Vanderbilt University and 19 other public and private partners have launched the TennSMART Consortium to capitalize on Tennessee’s position as an automotive sector leader.

Abhishek Dubey - Connected Nashville

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry’s smart cities working group, Connected Nashville, unveiled its plan and opened a three-week public comment period on Oct. 12.

Dr. Taylor Johnson Awarded AFOSR Grant through Young Investigator Research Program

The Air Force Office of Scientific Research today announced it will award approximately $19.1 million in grants to 43 scientists and engineers from 37 research institutions and small businesses who

Three engineering faculty named to big data and data science working group

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Susan R. Wente named the 20-member Data Science Visions Working Group this week.

In two years, TIPs awards have made significant impact

More than 250 faculty members and several hundred students from Vanderbilt’s 10 schools and colleges are currently addressing topics ranging from health care and educational technologies to t

Interdisciplinary NetsBlox project makes computer programming intuitive

Vanderbilt University Professor of Computer Engineering Akos Ledeczi doesn’t want everyone to become a programmer.

Lights, Cameras, Teach!: Online Curriculum and Custom Software Bring the Computer Science Classroom to Students Worldwide

Think of the internet celebrities you know, and more than likely people such as the “Chewbacca Mom” or that “Damn, Daniel” kid come to mind.

Vanderbilt Engineering Tech uses Elephant Poachers’ Own Weapons Against Them

Anti-poaching authorities will soon have a powerful new weapon in their arsenal – high-tech ballistic shockwave sensors under development at Vanderbilt School of Engineering.

Institute for Software Integrated Systems Researcher joins EECS Department as Assistant Professor

Abhishek Dubey has joined the faculty of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department as an assistant professor.