ISIS Researchers awarded U.S. Patent

ISIS Researchers, Akos Ledeczi, Miklos Maroti, Gyula Simon and Gyorgy Balogh have just been awarded a United States Patent: "Acoustic source localization system and applications of the same." The innovation came out of the DARPA sponsored countersniper system the group developed in the past few years.

ISIS in the News

 The Mobile Air Pollution Monitoring Network developed at ISIS was recently featured at the ScienceNews website. The system makes it possible to obtain a detailed picture of the air quality in a city. The project was sponsored by Microsoft Research.

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Vanderbilt plays role in contests to build Marine combat vehicle

FANG stands for Fast, Adaptive, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle and it’s a challenge.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently launched FANG Challenges, a set of three next-generation military vehicle design competitions with up to $4 million in prizes to build a new amphibious combat vehicle specifically for the Marine Corps. Vanderbilt’s Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) is playing a significant role in the contests.

Vanderbilt wins $9.3M DARPA contract to evolve tools for military vehicle design

Vanderbilt University engineers in the Institute for Software Integrated Systems have been awarded a $9.3 million contract over two years to continue their work to mature META tools that are part of a flagship Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) program.

Tracking gunfire with a smartphone

You are walking down the street with a friend. A shot is fired. The two of you duck behind the nearest cover and you pull out your smartphone. A map of the neighborhood pops up on its screen with a large red arrow pointing in the direction the shot came from.