About Us

Welcome to the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) at Vanderbilt University, a beacon of academic excellence and a hub of pioneering innovation in the heart of Nashville, TN. Our mission is to push the boundaries of systems and information science, engineering the future of technology through groundbreaking research and collaborative education.

At ISIS, collaboration drives innovation. Our diverse team of researchers and educators specializes in integrating complex systems with cutting-edge artificial intelligence to build resilient and secure systems that shape societal-scale infrastructures. Our commitment to empowering through education is evident in our interactive learning environment, where students and professionals alike come to hone their skills and contribute to the technology of tomorrow.

Our pioneering work in information science and systems engineering is not just about advancing technology—it's about creating solutions that have a lasting impact on industries and communities worldwide. From integrating AI into engineered systems to building robust software ecosystems, we are dedicated to research that reshapes industries and education that inspires change.

Join us as we continue to engineer the future of technology, advance systems and information science, and foster an environment where cutting-edge innovation meets academic rigor. Together, we are ISIS, and we are forward-thinking in every endeavor.