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Vanderbilt University's Institute for Software Integrated Systems is a non-profit research institute in computer science and electrical engineering.



Explore a dynamic summer research internship with ISIS! Open to undergraduates and graduate students from any accredited university. As an intern, you'll gain hands-on experience on real projects led by Principal Investigators, collaborate with Vanderbilt faculty, and enjoy a personalized mentorship. You'll have access to networking events, weekly lunch and learns and various social events. Visit  Vanderbilt ISIS Internship Program for more details.





Are you interested in joining VU-ISIS as a graduate student? As a Research Assistant you'll have the opportunity of first-hand experience in the field of research, publish results in scientific journals, and get hands on guidance from professors in your field. Apply at the Vanderbilt Graduate School website in either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering majors. 





Work with us! Our staff openings can range from research scientists, engineers, grant managers, operations team, program coordinators, system architects, to name a few. Check out the current openings at the University job site. Research staff includes research scientists and research engineers, who lead and support externally-sponsored projects. Research scientists are recognized leaders in their field, and they are responsible for the scientific aspects of the projects. Research engineers are the highly-skilled developers who are responsible for the implementation of the research ideas. Our work is often challenging and is at the cutting edge of systems and software technology.




The esteemed faculty of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems embody a diverse expertise spanning various domains within the world of cyber-physical systems. Engaging in innovative pursuits, they actively contribute to cutting-edge advancements. Furthermore, their passion for collaboration fosters a dynamic environment where collective expertise converges for impactful outcomes. Opportunities can be found within the Office of Faculty Affairs

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