Collaborative research of ISIS Faculty with NIST highlighted in the news!

Himanshu Neema, a computer science research assistant professor at Vanderbilt University, has an ongoing collaborative research project with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) titled "Evaluation Platform for Networked Smart Infrastructures." This research effort advances NIST's capabilities of multi-model distributed simulations and their application to large-scale networked smart infrastructures. As part of this project, he published a research paper jointly with NIST authors titled "Reusable Network Simulation for CPS Co-Simulations."

The paper described a novel approach to creating a reusable network simulation component that can be quickly customized to varying needs of network simulation in cyber-physical systems (CPS) co-simulations. This research conducted at Vanderbilt University has been successfully transitioned to the Communications Technology Laboratory (CTL) at NIST and the research products are currently in active development at both sites.

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