The Science of Security Virtual Organization (SoS-VO) was established to provide a  focal point for information about ongoing activities related to cybersecurity science and as a repository for significant research results. It emphasizes community development, information sharing, and interaction among researchers in the field. The goal of the SoS-VO  is to help establish and support true collaboration in advancing cybersecurity science. The SoS-VO enables those interested in cybersecurity science to survey current research, stay current on  news in the field, find out about events related to cybersecurity, collaborate and share work, and access educational resources contributed by members. New members are encouraged and can join by signing up via the SoS-VO website at

The SoS-VO supports the NSA Science of Security Lablet Research Initiative. Beginning in 2012, one part of the initiative is to fund foundational research at Science of Security Lablets. The SoS Lablets were established to stimulate basic research, create scientific underpinnings for security, advocate for scientific rigor in security research, and create   and broaden a Science of Security community and culture. With an emphasis on building a community, each Lablet created partnerships with other universities called Sub-Lablets. Science of Security researchers often freely collaborated with research in other institutions worldwide. A major goal is the creation of a unified body of knowledge that can serve as the basis of a trust engineering discipline, curriculum, and rigorous design methodologies.The Lablets organize their research into projects, all of which relate to one or more of the five Hard Problems.The papers published over the past years provide tangible evidence of the impact that the Lablets’ research has had on improving the Science of Security, particularly in the Hard Problem focus areas. The results of the SoS Lablet research are extensively documented and widely distributed through the SoS Virtual Organization.

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Xenofon Koutsoukos