Peter Volgyesi

Principal Research Scientist

Lecturer in Computer Science

Peter Volgyesi

Peter Volgyesi is a Principal Research Scientist at Vanderbilt University interested in wireless sensors, low-power hardware design, software-defined radios, signal processing, and AI-based sensor fusion.

He has worked on several practical applications for detecting and localizing gunshots, time synchronization, and localizing low-power devices. He was also involved in the design and development of collaborative modeling tools.

Between 2013-2019 his team was highly successful in the DARPA Spectrum Challenge and Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, winning first prizes multiple times.

Currently, Mr. Volgyesi is a lead PI on DARPA's Symbiotic Design for CPS program, developing novel AI/ML-driven design tools workflows for cyber-physical systems.

He is a native of Hungary and grew up near Lake Balaton. He enjoys long-distance running, motorcycle rides, and the outdoors of Tennessee.