Professor Gautam Biswas Recognized for AI/ML Applications to Education and Training Environments

First-year nursing students, U.S. Army soldiers and a middle school science class might seem very different at first glance. But when you consider the recent work of Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Engineering Gautam Biswas, the similarities become clear. 

Each group has been a test case for Biswas’ research, which collects multimodal data such as clicks on a computer, hand gestures, eye gaze position and speech and then applies artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help analyze how students learn and how trainees perform. 

The goal is to provide constructive feedback to the learners and instructors so they can do their work more effectively, as well as to give useful insights to curriculum and simulation designers so they can improve learning tools. 

“What students are looking at, where they’re standing, how they move around and interact with the other people in the room, all of these are important details that can be captured, analyzed and used to improve the learning process,” Biswas says... more here.